Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladies and Gents..... We're registered for Kindergarten!!!

It's funny to me that she is thrilled!!, yet.. I'm absolutely terrified. The teachers told us "I wish all the kids that came in today were as happy as she is." lol.. But all is grand in the world of a 5 year old when given a box of crayons, cookies, lemonade, the promise of a big yellow school bus and endless playmates.

The teacher that was most vocal with us that day just so happened to be the integration teacher. Very kind and patient.. she explained some of the procedures of her classroom and lifted my spirits a little.

We all want success and acceptance for our children and we all, everyone of us, feel that we want it more than the next parent. I guess that one of the biggest things that I've learned being the mom that I have been given the opportunity to be is... That my problems are never bigger or smaller than anothers. And that I will always feel blessed to have them because that means that I have a purpose in something bigger than myself.

Being that it's right at the 5 year anniversary of her diagnosis.. i'm going to share the first pic I sent to the WS site...

This is Riley Kait. She was diagnosed with WS at three months.. She is 6mos in this pic..

more followed and has changed so much since then...

First days of Pre-K
Riley and I at New Years dinner
Holiday pic

Friday, August 15, 2008


Life has taken many turns lately and we are finally going in the right direction.

First off.. Riley is doing awesome. She continues to grow more beautiful and smarter and smarter everyday. (probably those endless questions she insues upon her mother everyday.) Neverless, she amazes me. How I could make something so perfect brings me to tears. I never would have thought that I was capable of creating such a miracle. She gives me a purpose and a drive everyday that no other person on this earth could do. She is my light, my all.

On another note.. her father and I are no longer together.. she is a trooper through all of this and I hope that she will serve as a reason to do better and make changes in everyone includeds life. She is much bigger than this downfall and should be treated with care and utmost authority in this. So many questions and not enough easy answers.

So is this little one's life it seems..

BUT sunshine and big smiles., because in the end I know that GOD is behind it all and that there is always a higher purpose. Wether I'm in on it or not. According to popular belief.. I do not know everything.

It's lifes little imperfections, that make such a big impact.


riley and baby ava and playing on miss wendy's trampoline

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where has the time gone....

It seems forever since I have updated everyone on the life and times of Miss Riley Kait. She is getting sooo BIG these days. Potty training.. picture of perfect health and beauty. She is our angel.

She was diagnosed with a mild SVAS for my other Williams mommies who check this post out. And we go every 6 months for a recheck. No changes in physical activities though. Which is a blessing because nothing gets in this little ones way.

We will hopefully be moving into a new home here shortly and will have many new pictures with the up and coming holidays.

Peace and much love


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Who is this beautiful little girl??.....

She is amazing, she is funny, she is silly and most of all she's ours. I could never have asked for anything more perfect.

Riley is doing awesome these days.. we've sadly cut out most of our physical therapy and miss seeing Mrs. Peggie every other week. But in doing so it shows that our little girl who was a noodle for the first year of her life, is now a running, jumping, scooting... rotten little monster. AND this is something that we are so happy to have seen her accomplish.

Her eyes are doing great!! The tube is out.. and so are the infections so far. (knock on wood) She has an occupational therapist as well, so far she says she is doing well too.

SOOO .. life is good for Riley right now and we'll let you guys know how her next evaluation went soon.

Enjoy the pics!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

I L-O-V-E this picture. It has caught her being the cutest little monster known to man. BUT, just letting everyone know what is going on in "The Life of Riley"...we went for our consult the other day and are now scheduled for surgery on the 7th of July. They are going to try and probe again and if that doesn't work then they will start the other procedure.

This consists of making a small incision on the side of her nose and making a small hole in the bone where they can construct a duct for drainage. She will be bruised for about a week and will be sedated obviously for the procedure.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

We love you guys!


Congratulations Austin and Happy Birthday Jeromy!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's finally over...for now

Well everything went great yesterday. No glaucoma, No glasses, No more blockage in the left tear duct... BUT the right eye not so good. NOT too terribly bad either though. We're being referred to a plastic surgeon to correct the duct.
There is no openning to the nasal duct on that side, so they have to make one. This explains all the eye infections and irritation that Lil' Miss has had, and as nervous as we are about this next procedure...we're sure that she will be in a much more comfortable state once it is done.
SOOO, thank you for all the prayers and thoughts that were sent our way.

On another note here are some of her beautiful Easter pictures. We would have loved to get one with the actual bunny...but that didn't work out soo well. Mommy even petted the bunny. Riley seen him, grabbed my neck and started to scream "EEEEEEEE!!!!" Funny, Funny, Funny!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sleepin' SweetWell everything has been going pretty well lately. Riley is doing great, some allergy issues like everyone else...BUT nothing serious. The impending surgery is next Tuesday. We think she'll do fine, we're just nervous like any other parents would be.
I just wanted to post some new pictures since it has been about a month since the last one was up....
Pretty Pink Toes
Playin' with the boys